Africa’s Giants Are Awake!

I read through a twitter post that said: Beginning to realise more and more that our parents’ generation are the weakest link. Their own is to be “respectful”, “presentable”, “religious” and hardworking” yet – zero progress. 

Hmmm… what can I say. I spent the entire weekend in shock when I was being told of some of the things that the SARS teams have been up to. My first thought was – what was their mandate? Were there any clear mandates given to them, what was the governance around the government ensuring that they were adhering to the mandates that have been given to them. 

It was clear that obviously there were no mandates, the individuals nominated to operate in the SARS team were obviously not trained to do their job! It was clear that they were unable to profile and use their own stereotype to determine who they thought was or was not a criminal. 

I am in full support of what our youths are doing. They clearly have expressed the following: 

· We are not our father’s generation. 

· We are not divided. 

· Not by religion, ethnic group, or past war. 

· We do not care about where our mates are from. 

· We are the most united generation Nigeria has ever had. 

· That is why this government should be afraid. 

And they are right to make these statements as its time for them to start securing their future. Our generation has lost the power to do so as we have patiently waited for things to change without us supporting our frustrations with actions. 

Our government have failed our generation and their generation and are in the process of doing the same to our children. I am glad that our children, who 

happen to be majority our current population are rising up to shape the country for their future. 

Honestly, the passion of our youths in this #EndSARS is so contagious & powerful…..really impressive and emotional for me… worthy of each and everyone of us support in all ways possible. Our children, grandchildren, and generations to come deserve a better Nigeria!!!! 

It is always said that the making a great democracy is the power in its citizens’ voice. Shown with the BLM movement in America and around the world it is time that Nigerians found that voice to ensure change with their leadership. To see the younger generations, begin to show this fire and determination, gives me hope that is with consistency of this manner I will see true change to our country in my lifetime.

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