About Me

Who I Am

With a track record spanning multinational markets from Great Britain to Kenya, I have honed my skills in driving sustainable growth, enhancing financial processes, and delivering exceptional results across various industries, including banking, FMCG, manufacturing, telecoms, and maritime.


My expertise extends to financial management, budgeting and forecasting, financial analysis, risk management, investment strategy, tax compliance, capital allocation, team management, and business growth. 




I’m not just a financial professional; I’m a mentor and advocate for nurturing the next generation of business leaders.


As the Chairperson of Women Empowered for Leadership Advancement and Development (WELEAD), I am committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in leadership roles.


Throughout my career, I have collaborated with senior executives, developed high-level strategies, and implemented transformative changes. I’ve successfully managed large cross-functional teams, instilling a culture of success, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Beyond The Boardroom

Beyond the boardroom, I am dedicated to the personal and professional growth of individuals. My personal website, HearAdesolaOut, is a platform where I share motivational quotes and blogs to help you strike a harmonious balance between life and work. 

With a solid educational foundation, including an MBA from Manchester Business School, I hold various certifications and affiliations with esteemed organizations, such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. My commitment to excellence has earned me awards and recognitions, including the Great Place to Work Exceptional Female Leader Award and the CFO of the Year in the FMCG category.

In addition to my professional achievements, I am deeply engaged in board roles and speaking engagements, where I share insights and inspiration to help others navigate their own paths to success.

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