7 Ways To Lead Your Team Through A Crisis

With the coronavirus causing major economic downturn across all sectors of the economy, organisations require higher levels of leadership and ingenuity to steer through uncertain times, and survive.  I have shared seven ways you can effectively ensure that your team remains committed and motivated through the crisis, while maintaining the business operations effectively.  Going Concern  …

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Black Lives Matter

In all truth, this movement has been an ongoing occurrence for over some time now; the only difference today, is systematic racism around the world is being recorded and shared throughout social media. George Floyd’s death and the deaths of many other African American citizens have led to the breaking point of the black community all over the world. Some believe that the black community are tackling two pandemics at the moment: racism and COVID 19. 


Many of us have been confined to the Lockdown enforcement and have had to embrace this. This is the new norm for everyone around the world, however I believe that we would fill the impact more in societies and cultures like ours (African culture). Things we took for granted before have now become privileges for …

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