Five Habits To Help You Develop Your Career 

If you are wondering how to progress in your career, know that you must be intentional. Climbing the career ladder is not aided by laxity. You have to understand that success is available to the diligent. By continuous intentionality, you will make steady progress and find yourself rising in your chosen field. 

Here are five ways you can improve your chances of ascending the career ladder and get to the top: 

1. Develop Professional Character 

You cannot grow if you are perceived as unprofessional. From the way you write your emails, to your dressing and speech, you must practice both the ethics of your profession, and the most humane characters. They will open doors for you, and prove to people that you are well-centered and focused. It will also improve your relationships within your professional circle, and establish you progressively as a thought-leader in professional character, a reference point for others within your field, and even outside it. 

2. Skill-Up 

Gone are the days when your university degree alone could give you opportunities. Presently, you will be tested on the strength of your skills. Skills display capacity, and you will be recognized as an innovator when you are able to provide solutions outside old techniques. Skills also accentuate your learning, and can earn you promotions faster. 

3. Manage Your Time 

The time you have is available to be invested in your development, and in the achievement of your set goals. Learn to be effective in managing it. Practice scheduling your day, and ensure that your colleagues understand the importance of time to you. That way, the time you spend working with others is well-appreciated, and you can easily allocate your time to specific tasks and activities. The growth is measured and visible over time, and it will aid your efficiency. There is also the added advantage that not many people will take your time for granted. 

4. Build and Strengthen Networks 

Business growth is largely dependent on the strength of your network. Be deliberate about the activities you engage in that will help you make new connections, and solidify connections. When work life becomes more difficult, people appreciate those who take out time to check-up, and provide assistance. Be that person. Show up for your network, and they will most likely show up for you. 

5. Pursue Excellence 

Nothing trumps being great at what you do. The quality of your work will always stand out, and that is the real card you play in order to grow in your career. Your output will be on record, testament of your abilities. Make sure you set high work standards for yourself. Use the best practices and industry standards as a bar, and aim to always surpass expectations. 

How have you improved in your career? What steps did you take? Share your comments with me.

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